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Questionnaire about Absent Periods

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What was the date of your last period?

How many months ago did your period stop?

How many days are there between your periods usually?

Less than 25 days   25 to 32 days   33 to 42 days   More than 42 days  

For how many days do your periods usually last?

3 to 6 days   7 to 10 days   More than 10 days  

Do you experience blood clots in your menstrual flow, and if so, how large are they?

None   Small   Medium   Large   

Did you experience abnormal cramp during your menstrual periods?

None   Mild   Moderate  Severe  

If yes, when do the cramps usually occur? Before period  During period  After period 

Have you being diagnosed with any disorders of the uterus that might  be related to your absent periods?

Yes,  please specify:

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